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Business Program 2015

24 June, 2015 
Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 8, Conference-hall D
10:45 - 11:00  Registration of seminar attendees
11:00 – 11:10  Opening speech
11:10 – 12:30  Modern technologies of production and operation of the molds
12:30 – 13:40  Efficient production organization
13:40 – 15:00  3D technology, the next day - today
15:00 – 16:00  Presentation of the "Association of toolmakers from Volga region"
Program of presentations:
11.00 – Opening speech of the Organizing committee
11.10 - "ROUTER", LLC
            Subject: Production of molds and tooling for CNC machines “ROUTER”, LLC
            Speaker: Igor Krasnobaev – General Director
11.30 – “Oerlikon balzers”
            Subject: Advanced methods of mold resistant increasing.
            Speaker: Thomas Fermland- Head of the forming tool and mold lines.
11.50 – “"ATLANTInc.” (Minsk, Belarus)
            Subject: Solutions of design and technological difficulties launching new types of products.          
            Speaker: AleksandrZuev - Head of Design and Technology Bureau of the tool department.
12.10 – “CSoft 
            Subject: 3D calculations of molds for thermoplastics injection molding.
Speaker: Igor Barvinsky - Chief Specialist
12.30 – “"Russian Industrial Company”, CJSC
            Subject: Design of pattern equipment manufacture in Edgecam
           Speaker: Mikhail Potapov - Senior Engineer, Technical Support, CAM direction
13.00 -  MES-center (Russia)   

            Subject: Some features of the MES-level implementation for metalworking enterprises with different production specific.
            Speaker: Igor S. Reshetnikov - Head of MES-center, Ph.D.
13.20 - The educational concept of HEIDENHAIN.
            1) Contour based programming of Klartext language processing (dialogue programming);
2) Programming of contours specified not by standards of NC-programming.
            Speaker: Anton Varfolomeev – Project Manager
13.40 -  3Dconnexion 
            Subject: 3Dconnexion – the absolute leader in the field of handy and sensing 3D-navigation devices for design professionals.
            Speaker: VItaliy Ananiev –  Sales Manager of 3DconnexionSAM
14.00 – “Ascon” Company (Moscow, Russia)
            Subject: Compass-3D – 3D modeling system, based on its own mathematical core.
            Speaker: Ksenya Zenina – Sales representative
14.20 – Group of companies “3D technologies”
            Subject: Additive technologies today – a new technological wave or another one “bubble”?
            Докладчик: Nikolay Maksimov– General Director.
14.40 - “ECELT”, LLC (Saransk, Russia)
            Subject: 3D engineering in the lighting field.
            Speaker: IlyaKoshinDirector.   
15.00 - “Association of toolmakers”
            Subject: Backgrounds of creation,  goals and tasks, prospects for further development, opportunities for collective cooperation.
            Speaker: Buhreev Aleksandr, General Director of AIP-Volga, President of Association of toolmakers AIR.
Aleksandr Ivanov , Commercial Director of the ”Polyform” group of companies, Board member of the Association of toolmakers AIR.