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Program of the fifth Anniversary International Instrumental Summit 2010

June 3, 2010, 10:00 a.m. Crocus Expo, Pavilion 3, hall 20, conference hall 8

“Practice and topical strategies of the increase of effectiveness, profitability, innovation level of technologies and quality of the Russian shape-generating equipment in 2010th”

Common issues:

  • “Shaping equipment as the most important part of the tool industry. The introduction.”

Vladimir Braginsky, PhD of technical science, member of ROPP, Chairman of the Summit’s Program Committee.

  • “New problems of the Russian market for plastic items and rigging for the production of plastic items connected with the establishment of the Customs Union of Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.”

Valentina Gavrilenko, PhD of chemical science, division manager, Scientific and Research Institute for the Technical and Economical Researches, Moscow

  • “Production of rigging in the post-crisis period. Topical strategies and way of development in Russia.”

Sergey Starikov, general director, Rostov special instrument accessories and technological plant", Rostov-on- Don.

  • “Contemporary import-replacing equipment of domestic machine-tool makers for the production of molds, dies, casting.”

Nikolay Yudenkov, manager for industrial and government structures relations, a corresponding member of Russian Engineer Academy, Russian Association of manufacturers “Stankoinstrument”, Moscow.

  • “The Problem of the control of the qualitative development of the concrete technological shape-generating process.”

Konstantin Razumov-Razdolov, PhD of technical science, general director, “Ruselprom-Osnastka”, Moscow.

  • “Service, modernization and repair of rigging, produced in Russia and the countries of Europe and Asia (the experience of interaction and partnership).”

Sergey Shunin, general director, Die-moulds and stamps plant, Nizhniy Novgorod.


Materials and the technologies of metal working:

  • “Recommendations on the selection of the up-to-the-date special steels of German plants production (DEW) for manufacturing of shape-generating equipment”

Igor Maryin, technical manager, "Schmolz +Bickenbach AG", Moscow

  • “The influence of the tool steel trademark selection on the competitiveness of the material rigging produced by the customer.”

Andrey Antoshin, general director, “Bohler-Uddeholm Russia”, Moscow.

  • “New Swedish tool steel houses SSAB companies”

Igor Bryndin, PhD of technical science, general director, CJS Company “BEST”, St. Petersburg.

  • “Up-to-the-date high effective technologies for the finish machining of equipment shaping surfaces (comparative analysis and recommendation on the selection procedure)”

Pavel Topolyansky, PhD of technical science, general director, “Plazmatsentr”, St. Petersburg.

  • “Structures and effective application of cutting tools made of hard materials in the processing of die molds”

Molodik Sergey Ulrikhovich, PhD of technical science , Head of Department, “VNIINSTRUMENT”, Moscow


Items and molds. Innovation constructions, technologies.

  • “High-precision casting items made of new unique heat-radiating polymeric composites. Their fields Application in the objects of the innovation technology.”

Alexandr Krivatkin, PhD of technical science, general director.
Yury Sakunenko, PhD of technical science, general specialist, GmbH “Spetsplast–M”, Moscow.

  • “The basic factors, which influence the selection of the polymeric material contraction measure using in the construction of the casting molds.”

Danil Kobylichenko, technology and testing department manager.
Alexandr Mavryn, technologic sector manager, “Poliplastic Group”, Moscow.

  • “Some design features of the casting molds for the thin-walled items made of polycarbonate”

Ilya Antonov, doctor of economic science., general director, “Techosnastka”, Moscow.

  • “Thermostating of hot-channel casting forms”

Vladimir Duvidzon, main constructor, “AB Universal”, Moscow.

  •   “Effective technologies of construction and production of forms for the medical items.”

Igor Kochemasov, general director, “Center of Creative Technologies”, Nizhniy Novgorod

  • “The defects of components made of thermoplastics with the injection molding: tracks of flows”

Igor Barvinsky, consultant, Moscow.
Inna Barvinskaya, consultant, Moscow.
Vladimir Duvidzon, main constructor, “AB Universal”, Moscow.

  • “The development and production procedure of large-dimension masters for the subsequent production of the composite matrices”

Sergey Vasyutkin, PhD of technical science, general director, “Composite-Group”, Moscow.

  • “Effective quick-disconnect fittings and saving resource technical resolutions of the Stäubli company for the changing the casting forms on the automatic thermoplastic machines.”

Andrey Yurikov, manager, “Stäubli RUS”, St. Petersburg.


Economic and scientific and technical estimations.

  • “The determination of expenditures for the production of items in the process of the casting molds designing.”

Maksim Kraynov, PhD of economic science, general economist, “Institute of Plastics”, Moscow.

  • “Failure Prevention of Plastic Products.”

Jan Spoormaker, professor, PhD., Spoormaker Consultancy& Delf University of Technology, The Netherlands.


New software products

  • “The new generation of software modules on the base of CATIA V5 for the through design of molded parts and associated rigging up to the stage of its production.”

Shurtcov Konstantin Ivanovich, engineer, «Dassault Systems Russia Corp.», Moscow

  • “Global changes in the market for the software for the computer analysis of the process of polymeric materials casting under pressure ”

Igor Barvinsky, consultant, Moscow.
Inna Barvinskaya, consultant, Moscow, “AB Universal”, Moscow.

The order of the reports is determined by the regulations;
it may be some changes in the program at the discretion of the speaker.