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Programme Fourth International Tooling Summit 2009

The 4th International Instrumental Summit at the ROSMOULD – 2009 Exhibition June 3-5, Moscow, Crocus Expo

«Technical and economic prerequisites for the Russian shape-generating and tool market stabilization
under the crisis conditions
(effective materials, technologies, methods of control)».

Organizer – «EXPO-MOLD» Ltd., Moscow

Co-organizer – «Schmolz + Bickenbach», Moscow

Media partner – «PLASTICS» magazine

4 June 2009, Begins at 10:00 Pav. no. 3, Hall no. 14

The 4th International Instrumental Summit Agenda

V.A. Braginsky, PhD, OPP Councilor, Summit Program Committee Chairman

"Purpose and actual capabilities of the summit of specialists".

Razumov-Razdolov K.L., Candidate of Economic Science, General Director

"Ruselprom-Osnastka", Moscow

"Methodology of work improvement of the instrument enterprise under the crisis conditions".

Effective materials

Gusmanov R.Z., General Director

"Schmolz + Bickenbach", Moscow

"Schmolz + Bickenbach" - the suppl ier of the finished solutions in the special steels area".

Maryn I.Ya., Technical Director

"Schmolz + Bickenbach", Moscow

"DEW German special steels plants– the leading manufacturer of high-quality steels".

Karaciov D.S., candidate of technical science, Deputy Production Director

"PSHP" Ltd. (die-moulds and stamps production), Moscow

"The application of "Schmolzts + Bickenbach" Ltd. company steels for preparing the shaping components".

Malakhov V.V., Head of instrumental steels laboratory, Administration of lab and tests activities, AVTOVAZ, Togliatti

"Experience of application and effective employing of import produced high-quality steels at AVTOVAZ".

Antoshin A.A., General Director

"Bohler-Uddeholm Russian Corp. ", Moscow

"Modern tool steel of the "Bohler-Uddeholm" company".

Effective Design Technologies

Krysenkov D.S., engineer

"Dassault Systems Russia Corp.", Moscow

"Dassault Systems PDM solutions for the design of support equipment".

Kazakov A.A., candidate of technical sciences, General Director, NPK "Krona" ("ADEM" group), Izhevsk

"Experience of using the ADEM-VX CAD/CAM/CAPP system for high-speed and effective control software for CNC metal working machine tools".

Volkomich A.A., candidate of technical sciences, General Director
Slobodina I.A., CAD/CAM Team Manager
Rozhkov A.M.
Starostin S.N.
         "Litaform", Moscow
Trukhov A.P., associate professor of technical sciences
Sorokin Y.A., candidate of technical sciences


"Computer aided design, construction and measurement of castings from the nonferrous alloys and the ferrous metals "SAPRO- CASTING". Automatic working place of caster technologist".

Effective metal working equipment, designs and techniques of production and manufacturing of the form-generating equipment

Yudenkov N.P., correspondent member of REA, Director, Industry and Governmental Relations)

RAP "Stankoinstrument", Moscow

"Innovational metal-working equipment of RAP company production in the light of the import substitution problem".

Dranishnikova D.G., Manager

"Intercos-IV" company, St. Petersburg

"Intercos-IV experience with oversized stamps and moulds for foreign customers".

Bodzian A., Manager

B&K company, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

"Welding system based on modern digital components for rapid, guaranteed and reliable repair of moulds and stamps".

Patrykeev I.V., General Director

"Smirnov Technology" company, Moscow

"New technologies of production and repair of shape-generating equipment parts".

Kraynov M.S., candidate of economic science, chief the laboratory of the technical and economic studies.

MIPP NPO "Plastic", Moscow

"Defining the need for the casting moulds and their performance evaluation in the production of plastic-made items".

Duvidzon V.G., Chief Designer

IF "AB Universal", Moscow

"Termoplay hot channel injection systems today".

Bulatov M.A., doctor of technical science, professor

Zyukov Ye., student

MGUIE, Moscow

Soldatov V.A., Deputy General Technologist

NPP "Vityaz’", Vytebsk

"The reliability of casting forms cooling".

Barvinsky I.A., Engineer
Barvinskaya I.Y., Engineer

"Joints quality improvement when casting pressure thermoplastic articles".

Antonov I.M., General Director

"Tekhosnastka", Moscow

"Experience of production thermoplastic items under pressure featuring "gas support". Shape-generating equipment features".

Cosmachiova G.A., candidate of technical science, General Director

"Polyform", St. Petersburg

"The equipment for vacuum forming of plastic-made hull articles".

Vasyutkin S.F., candidate of technical science, General Director

"Composite Group" Ltd., Moscow

"Problems in development and the experience of the oversized warmed matrices from the glass fiber reinforced plastic".

Tishakov S.L., Deputy General Director

"Rossiyskaya Otsenka", Moscow

"Effective management in entities assets in machine-building industry".

Summit speakers and participants please register 30 minutes before the summit starts. Order of reports is to be defined. Changes are possible depending on the planed report duration (see rules)