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Programme Third International Tooling Summit 2008

Program of The Third International Instrumental Summit

"New technologies, equipment, means and methods for effective organisation of production on the Russian Market of shape-generating tooling".

June, 17, 2008; Beginning at 14.00; Session 1

Summit opening. Opening speech. Braginsky Vladimir A.,
Chairman of the Program Committee

  • State of and prospects for development of the Russian market for moulds, die-moulds and stamps.
    Yagubtsov Andrey A., General Director of "Zavod Progress", St.Petersburg
  • Innovative metal-working equipment produced by enterprises of the Stankoinstrument Association; experience of stamps and die-molds manufacturing on factories.
    Yudenkov Nikolay P., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director for Relations with Industry and State Structures of the Stankoinstrument Association, Moscow
  • Perspective technologies and equipment for metal forming.
    Zimin Yuri A., President of Russian Souz Kuznetsov, professor, Moscow
  • The world instrument market and its current development in the members countries of ISTMA.
    Beira Eduardo, Professor, University of Minho, Portugal
  • The Situation and Development Trends of China.
    Cao Yanan, Administrative vice-president of China Die & Mould Industry Association (CDMIA)
  • Design of mass purpose items: problems, specifics and development prospects in Russia.
    Piryazev Maksim V., Senior Lecturer of the "Design" department of MGTU "MAMI", Moscow
    Ershov Michael Y., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), of the "Foundry Machinery and Technology" Department, MGTU "MAMI", Moscow
  • Viable solutions of plastic products constructions.
    Patrikeev Innokentiy V., General Director, ООО "Smirnov Technologies", Moscow
  • HASCO HOT BASE – new method of procedure in manufacturer of moulds.
    Cieply Martin, General Director of "HASCO-POLSKA", Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • Design of injection moulds in the Top Solid system.
    Seleznev Sergey G., Engineer, "AB Universal" Ltd., Moscow
  • Advanced Cimatron software for development and manufacture of die-moulds and stamps.
    Emelyanenko Vladimir Y., Head of Software Department, Moscow Representative Office of ZAO "BiPitron", St.Petersburg
  • Data bases of electronic models of shape-generating equipment as the basis for using CAD/CAM software in ОАО "Zavod Magneton".
    Andrianov Victor M., Head of Tooling Workshop, ОАО "Zavod Magneton", St.Petersburg
    Ignatenko Dmitry A., Deputy Head of Tooling Workshop, ОАО "Zavod Magneton", St.Petersburg
    Serebrenitskiy Pavel P., Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), BGTU "Voentekh", St.Petersburg

June, 18, 2008; Beginning at 10.00; Session 2

  • Highly-effective brands of steel produced by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH (DEW) and their use for manufacturing instrument tooling.
    Marin Igor Y., Manager for specialists, M.Sc., representative office of the company "Schmoltz+Bickenbach Beteiligungs" GmBH in Russia, Moscow
  • Uddeholm steels for moulds, stamps and other technological tooling.
    Bryndin Igor V., General Director, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), "Uddeholm Tooling CIS", St.Petersburg
  • Strategy for outsourcing of rapid prototyping during design and manufacture of shape-generating equipment.
    Skorodumov Stanislav V., Assistant Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), GTU "MAI", Moscow
  • Modern layered synthesis technologies, their selection and application in developing and making prototype items, shape-generating elements of tooling.
    Podsoblyaev Denis S., Candidate of Sciences (Phys.), OОО "AB Universal", Moscow.
  • Increased wear resistance of shape-generating tooling components using diamond-like nano-coating.
    Topolyanskiy Pavel A., General Director, candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), NPF "Plazmatsentr", St.Petersburg
  • Increased precision of form-generation of die cavities for die-moulds and stamps by means of extrusion.
    Nesterov Nikolay I., Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), BGTU "Voentech", St.Petersburg
    Gumenyuk Yuri I., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.Sc), BGTU "Voentech", St.Petersburg
    Starostenko Anton V., Head of КТО FGU NPP "Geologorazvedka", St.Petersburg
  • Polymer tooling for items made of metals and plastics.
    Boyarintsev Andrey V., General Director ООО "AB Universal", Moscow
  • Innovative industrial technologies and moulds for producing small and medium serial items from plastic.
    Kosmacheva Galina A., General Director, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), ZAO "Polyform", St.Petersburg
    Dubova Tatyana M., Chief Engineer ZAO "Polyform", St.Petersburg
  • Problems and experience of designing, manufacturing and controlling shape-generating matrices out of composite materials.
    Vasyutkin Sergey F., General Director, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), ООО "Composit-Group", Moscow

June, 18, 2008; Beginning at 14.00; Session 3

  • Problems of constructing moulds for hot shaping.
    Sheryshev Michael A., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), RKhTU named after M.V. Mendeleev, Moscow
  • Hydraulic design of extrusion dies for highly-elastic polymers.
    Berdyshev Boris V., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), MTUIE, Moscow
    Borisov Aleksey A., Scientific Assistant, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), MTUIE, Moscow
  • Problems and experience of organising modern instrument manufacture of founder forms and other technological tooling.
    Frolov Yuri V., Director, ООО "E-Mold", Saratov
    Mazuri A., Director for Development in the countries of Eastern Europe, company "Erova", Switzerland
  • Corrosion and saline deposition inhibitors as a means for intensifying heat exchange within the casting mould cooling system.
    Galkin Michael L., Director, Candidate of Sciences (Tech.Sc.), ООО "Spectroplast", Moscow
  • Computation of cold press gating systems of casting moulds for thermoplastic materials.
    Barvynskiy Igor A., Barvinskaya Inna E., Associates of ООО "AB Universal", Moscow
  • Cost price estimation of plastic products with "CalcMaster".
    Yan Spoormaker, Professor, Netherlands, Delft
  • Classification of hot runner nipples of casting moulds for moulding of thermoplastic materials (on the basis of the materials in the Termoplay catalogue).
    Duvidzon Vladimir G., Chief Designer, ООО "AB Universal", Moscow
  • Specialised constructions of GCS with valves for large-scale complex items out of thermoplastic materials.
    Lebedev Vladimir A., Department Head, OОО "Tesis", Moscow
  • Standardised components and units for casting moulds and dies of the firm FCPK.
    Monosov Grigory M., Director for Development, ZAO "Perint", St.Petersburg
    Emelyanov Andrey G., Sales Manager, OOO "Plastex", St.Petersburg
  • How to control and accept casting moulds manufactured by order.
    Panteleev Anatoly P., Expert Consultant, ООО "Interla", Moscow.

June 19, 2008; Beginning at 10.00

Business negotiations of the Summit participants (prior booking required).

Summit Procedures and Regulations:
- presentation at most 20 min.;
- speaking engagement up to 15 min.;
- registration within 30 min. before the beginning of each Session;
- work order can be changed because of unexpected circumstances of contributors;