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Program of The 7-th Instrumental Summit

June 19, 2012. Starts at 11.00 am

Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1 Hall № 14

“Modern equipment and technologies of rapid prototyping and production, service repair and maintenance of molds and dies”
Session 1. Starts at 11.00 am                             

1. "Three-dimensional technology: from concept to model"
Nikolai M. Maksimov, president of "NIKA-Rus", JSC

2. "Manufacture of plastic products and polyurethane method of rapid prototyping"
Vladimir Tarasov, The Center for Rapid Prototyping "PROTO-print"

3. "Rapid prototyping and vacuum casting in silicone molds"
Maxim G. Sukharev, PKF "Foliplast"

4. "Means-aided design of molds for plastic casting "
Evgeny A. Petrov, certified teacher of the Academy of "Science & Education"

5. "Advanced technology of MAKINO companies for molds and dies"
Uve Spizen, Sales and Technology Vice President of Makino Europe GmbH.

6. "The development of control programs on 3D models with the use of automation"
Mikhail A. Potapov, manager of JSC "Russian Industrial Company"
Peter V. Zheleznyakov, Engineer, JSC "Russian Industrial Company", certified teacher of the Academy of "Science & Education"

7. "The main trends and directions of tooling business development (on the example of "Dies and Moulds Plant")"
Sergey V. Shunin , General Director, "Dies and Moulds Plant"

8. “The use of static electricity in processes of IML (In-Mould Labeling) - labeling in injection molding machines and molds”
Mironov A.I. General Director of "Smart Protection", Ltd.

9. "Silver ions guard your health"
Antonov I.M., General Director of "fueling technical equipment", Moscow

The order of the reports is determined by the regulations; The changes in the program  are possible at the discretion of the individual speaker.