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ROSMOULD-2012 Post-release

Moulds. Die-moulds. Stamps.
7th International Specialized Exhibition
June 18-21, 2012, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

7th International Specialized Exhibition ROSMOULD 2012, supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Association of Automakers, took place on June 18-21, 2012 in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia. This unique trade show having no counterparts in Russia and Eastern Europe has for 7 years remained one of the key elements in the international network of mould-and-die trade fairs, alongside with such acclaimed events as EUROMOLD (Germany), AMERIMOLD (USA), EUROMOLD BRASIL (Brazil), ASIAMOLD (China), INTERMOLD (Japan), DIEMOULD (India), ARABIAMOLD (UAE) and AFRIMOLD (South Africa).

The bulk of the technologies exhibited at ROSMOULD 2012 was comprised by the products of Russian and global leaders of mould industry, such as Volga Machine Building Plant (Russia, Togliatti), Mould and Stamp Plant (Russia, Nizny Novgorod), Izhspetsmash (Russia, Izhevsk), PlastProduct (Russia, Kaluga), Techosnastka (Russia, Moscow), Geco (Portugal), HASCO (Germany), Fodesco (Finland), Neotronics (Taiwan), Staubli (Germany), Werkzeugbau Ruhla (Germany). A substantial number of major global manufacturers of machinery and tooling from 20 countries of the world, including DME Europe (Belgium), Madaleno (Portugal), Thermoplay (Italy), Mazak (Japan), Synventive (USA), Huntsman (Netherlands), Pedrotti (Italy), Formconsult (Germany), Oitti Tools (Finland), presented their recent developments via their distributors in Russia.  

ROSMOULD visitors also had the opportunity to appraise the products of less celebrated but quite promising manufacturers of tooling, that are capable of ranking among the giants of the industry in the not too distant future. The total of 252 Russian and foreign companies, as well as representatives of technical universities and leading specialized media, took part in ROSMOULD 2012. The fair drew over 6200 visitors, mostly specialists of Russian production facilities and R&D departments, top and middle managers, researchers, press representatives and students majoring in engineering.   

It can be pointed out as an important trend that at least a quarter of ROSMOULD 2012 exhibitors was constituted by companies involved in 3D modeling and prototyping, which stands in perfect agreement with the fair’s concept: “From the idea to series production”. Among the exhibitors presenting prototyping equipment and software, there were major multinational market players, like ACTech (Germany), Objet (Israel), Autodesk (USA), Kisters (Germany), as well as a number of Russian companies working in the same field (Bee Pitron, ADEM, CSoft, Art-Up Studio, Range Vision), which was welcomed as good news by the audience.

The Organizing Committee of ROSMOULD 2012 did its best to strengthen the fair’s international ties and to expand the scope of overseas participation. A sizeable German pavilion was traditionally brought together by DEMAT GmbH (EUROMOLD organizers), a long-term strategic partner of ROSMOULD. The founders of INTERMOLD expo (Japan) took part in the show alongside with Japanese tooling manufactures, whose products, though in high demand throughout the world, have so far been unfamiliar to Russian audiences. 

The presentation of the British toolmakers ND Precision Products at 7th International Tooling Summit can be counted among the most remarkable events of ROSMOULD 2012. The UK colleagues demonstrated a number of original developments and, quite probably, managed to break the ice for British mould-makers, whose products have hitherto been sparsely represented on the Russian market. Reports and presentations by Makino (Germany), Foliplast (Russia) and Nika-Rus (Russia) aroused a keen interest of the audience. An important structural element of the fair’s business programme, the International Tooling summit took place on 19th June 2012, comprising 10 speakers and over 70 visitors.

According to most exhibitors and visitors, ROSMOULD 2012 has once again confirmed its well-earned status of the chief event in Russian mould-making. The organizers have succeeded in creating a unique venue for manufacturer-customer communication in the field of mould-making and rapid prototyping, the one that has become a trusted marketing instrument, as well as a true compass to the industry, for the companies interested in promoting their products and acquiring new business partners.  

ROSMOULD Organizing Committee thanks the partners, exhibitors and visitors of the show and announces that the next ROSMOULD fair will take place on June 18-20 2013 in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.