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ROSMOULD-2011 Post-release

6th International Specialized Exhibition
Moulds. Die-Moulds. Stamps.

The 6th International Specialized Exhibition Rosmould-2011 held from June 15th to 17th 2011 in Moscow (IEC Crocus Expo) can be considered one of the most remarkable events in Russian and global mould industry. During the six years of its history the exhibition has not only retained its status as one of the biggest demonstration grounds displaying the novelties of mould and stamp industry to specialists and general public, but has also been successful in attracting a considerable number of new participants and partners, as well as drawing keen new audiences.

Traditionally, the exhibition was supported by the Association of Russian Automakers (ARA), the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Moscow and the Russian Federation, specialized print media and Internet portals. As in previous years, Demat GmbH (Germany), the world’s leading exhibition contractor in the sphere of development and production of moulds and stamps, acted as the chief strategic partner of the exhibition. Rosmould-2011 held in close cooperation with Demat GmbH has every right to be regarded as a notable event in the series of world-class specialized exhibitions: Euromold (Germany), Asiamold (China), Diemold DH (India), Amerimold (USA) and Afrimold (RSA).

It is pleasant to observe that the year 2011 has shown a considerable increase in the number of visitors, as well as a substantial improvement in the professional level of the exhibition’s audiences. According to the electronic registration data, a record number of 5604 unique specialists attended the exhibition, 92% from different regions of Russia and 8% from abroad. An exponent survey showed that 86.5% were pleased with the number of visitors and their proficiency, 91% of the exponents expressed a desire to participate in Rosmold-2012 exhibition, which will be held from June 19th to 21th 2012 in IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow.

It is important to mention that the list of exhibitors included international leaders of mould industry: Fodesco (Finland), Amtec (Germany), Neotronics (Taiwan), HASCO (Germany), GECO (Portugal), Meusburger (Austria), Bohler (Austria), Yuyao Mould (China), as well as a number of prominent Russian companies: Staubli RUS, GAZ Group, PTOO AVTOVAZ, Lasso, IMID, AB Universal, VivTech. Small-scale and medium-scale businesses took part in the event, showcasing a great variety of original and innovative developments. Also, production of publishing houses specializing in scientific and technical literature was presented at the exhibition. The total number of exhibitors comprised 163 home and 86 foreign companies.

The display area of over 6000 square metres housed as many as 380 exhibits, including products of car and aircraft industries, firearms and items of heavy robotic machinery. Besides the traditional aluminum and steel moulds, new cutting-edge technologies, such as molds made of sand, ceramics and various metal-polymeric materials were displayed at the exhibition. Scaled down models of moulds and stamps were mounted on the exhibition ground, which gave the visitors an opportunity to become familiar with the main stages of production process. What is more, equipment producing souvenir pieces from plastic in real-time mode was put on display inside the pavilion.

The 6th International Tool Summit, which took place in the course of the exhibition, brought together specialists in the areas of design, technology and manufacture of plastic products. The public took a lively interest in the issues discussed during the summit. Each of the speakers received questions from the audience, and every report was followed by a lively discussion. A collection of abstracts was published by the opening of the summit.

The 6th International Exhibition Rosmould-2011 has once more confirmed its status as an exhibition facility presenting excellent opportunities for displaying new technical advancements and finding new business partners in the sphere of mould, die-mould, stamp and production tooling manufacture. 

The organizing committee would like to thank their long-term exponent partners and express a hope for meeting again in the year 2012.

We invite all interested persons to attend the exhibition Rosmould-2012

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