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3D Technologies at ROSMOULD

One of the main activities of the exhibition, not the first year, is the promotion of additive technologies in the industry. In 2017, the ROSMOULD ground reunites the leaders of the three-dimensional industry that will present us their developments in the field of 3D printing. Among these companies: "KAZAR", Ltd – a manufacturer of engineered polymer rod for 3D printing; "IMPRINTA", LLC - a Russian manufacturer of FDM 3d printers Hercules. They will showcase 2 models - Hercules and Hercules Strong, different by size of the working field; The company "RangeVision", a manufacturer of 3D scanners and developer of the associated software, will also present their products at the exhibition; "Chevalier" will show and allow professionals to estimate the work of Massportal 3D printers that can produce parts up to 350mm in diameter and 350mm in height; "Total Z" will show universal and industrial 3D printers FDM (line Anyform); Company "Polema" produces powders for surfacing, spraying, 3D printing of metal and composite materials.

Also other companies with simulation and prototyping, 3D equipment and 3D printing technologies will take part in the exhibition.

We invite everyone to find out more about the latest advances in three-dimensional forming technologies and tooling as well as to participate in the business program of the exhibition.